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Oh come on already...
I was worried about not making an A in one of my SOCI classes and I pulled off with a perfect score on the final, how? I have no idea. I guess I do better @ essay exams. Anyhow, I took this test just yesterday and they already posted up my offical grade. The final that I mentioned in my previous entry about making an 89.3 overall in the class...well the offical grade hasn't been posted and it is pissing me off. I already know I have all A's, except for that class. I kind of doubt that he'll go ahead and give it to me.

It just sucks, b/c I've worked my ass off and I was never worried about that course until the end. I basically had very little social life because school always came first and I was always busy with it. I can't get over it and the waiting is driving me insane. I'll be def. disappointed if I see a "B" on my Grade Report. I just hope he doesn't wait until the deadline to post the grades. I know he already read my msg. and didn't even bother to get back to me and I don't know if thats good or bad.

Anyhow, I worked out today, had my last final (thank goodness), and watched American Idol. Blakes performance was not anywere near as good as it was last week. But I think he deserves stay another week. I'll probably not be interested in watching the show anymore if he does go. lol. Anyhow, it is late, i wish I could of gotten to bed sooner so I can get up early for a change and go do a few things in town and get back early too. School is over, yet I still feel stressed out. Its not even because of the grades, I'm just pissed about that. I don't really have such a long, great, sunny, and happy break that I want, but I'm hoping my summer classes aren't all that bad. I never took summer courses so I have no idea how it is. I don't really want to take them, but whatever, I guess. Sighs. I wanna quit thinking about school.


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