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  • 23:40 wish the storm lasted longer... #

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Go cardinals? Not excited at all but I like kurt. Not looking very well for them... Maybe it'll change. :)

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EDIT: OMG. Really...really? Those last couple of min.'s really sucked.

100X100 Textures
I was just playing around w/ photoshop avoiding homework. Sorry I don't feel like putting these as a zip or anything, but feel free to take if you come across my journal. :) Comments are appreciated.
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Spring Break 2008
as always i have homework... my instructors are cruel. I could of got it done ahead of time, but I never do anything ahead of time when you put 2 weeks on things. I'm stressed out as always too. Ugh. When are things going to be GREAT. Oh well, again, I'm alive, breathing, and getting bye.

I have started to really like this Jason Castro. I love how he isn't use to interviews and comes off as shy sometimes. It's so funny. Sad, David Hernandez went. :/

I love how I make random pointless posts most of the time these days.

Maybe American Idol is going be interesting after all? if this guy stays in. This is the only audtion I remembered and the kid who did Mika, but isn't in the top 24. I shouldn't even be watching American Idol. I've got too much to do. Why is big brother having a winter season... ahh. Why I can't I hate reality tv.

and i realized that maybe things are going to be okay...

Heath Andrew Ledger 1979-2008
He will be missed...

I was hoping that a "late breaking news" email that was recieved yesterday was only a hoax or a mistake. Sadly, it was no mistake. The end of The Ellen Show today was bittersweet and actually made me tear up a little bit when she wanted to cry. Heath seemed like a wonderful and kind person. He was indeed a wonderful actor who will be missed greatly. My condolences goes to his family and those close to him. Goodbye Heath...

(no subject)
today was a horrible day.

I made a B. Never has a B sounded so horrible.

I don't want to talk about the rest of the day. When I got home, it was all better. I made it home like 5 till 8. Phew! Watched American Idol, yay Blake. Went running/walking for 2 miles or so. Hung around with some friends. It was good.

I gotta go on and accept the damn B even though I don't want to. All I know is that I'm never going to work my ass off ever again, because it wasn't worth really. Oh and screw colleges and their damn bookstore. They piss me off. Anyhow, well, nothing much. I went by Walmart, had no clue what to get my mom. I ended up getting a card and some tuffles. I'm going w/ a friend tomorrow to town tomorrow so maybe I can find something tomorrow esp. since I'll feel like looking around. Today was mostly blah, hoping for a better tomorrow. School starts in 20 days AGAIN. Better enjoy it. :(

Oh come on already...
I was worried about not making an A in one of my SOCI classes and I pulled off with a perfect score on the final, how? I have no idea. I guess I do better @ essay exams. Anyhow, I took this test just yesterday and they already posted up my offical grade. The final that I mentioned in my previous entry about making an 89.3 overall in the class...well the offical grade hasn't been posted and it is pissing me off. I already know I have all A's, except for that class. I kind of doubt that he'll go ahead and give it to me.

It just sucks, b/c I've worked my ass off and I was never worried about that course until the end. I basically had very little social life because school always came first and I was always busy with it. I can't get over it and the waiting is driving me insane. I'll be def. disappointed if I see a "B" on my Grade Report. I just hope he doesn't wait until the deadline to post the grades. I know he already read my msg. and didn't even bother to get back to me and I don't know if thats good or bad.

Anyhow, I worked out today, had my last final (thank goodness), and watched American Idol. Blakes performance was not anywere near as good as it was last week. But I think he deserves stay another week. I'll probably not be interested in watching the show anymore if he does go. lol. Anyhow, it is late, i wish I could of gotten to bed sooner so I can get up early for a change and go do a few things in town and get back early too. School is over, yet I still feel stressed out. Its not even because of the grades, I'm just pissed about that. I don't really have such a long, great, sunny, and happy break that I want, but I'm hoping my summer classes aren't all that bad. I never took summer courses so I have no idea how it is. I don't really want to take them, but whatever, I guess. Sighs. I wanna quit thinking about school.


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